2013 Resolutions: An Update

It’s hard to believe we’re already a month into 2013. I made a few resolutions for the year and thought it might help hold me accountable if I check in here occasionally with an update, so here goes:

  1. Learn to play the ukelele – I wasn’t home much in January and didn’t spend any time on this.
  2. Run 500 Miles – According to Runkeeper, I’ve run 29.7 miles this year. I have my doubts about how accurate the GPS tracking is on my iPhone. I usually run the same route, yet the mileage is almost always different, sometimes drastically so. Yesterday morning it reported my route as 5.06 miles. I decided to drive it to double check. According to the odometer on my car, it’s 2.7 miles. I’m a few miles behind where I would like to be but hope to start running 4-5 times a week soon, so hopefully I’ll be able to catch up. I never thought I would be a runner, but I’m getting into it. Yesterday two neighborhood boys started racing me on their way to school; that was fun.
  3. Master my camera – I’m no longer taking a photo a day, but have taken quite a few photos this year. I plan to start taking some product photos and list some ready-to-ship items in the store. Think I’ll build a light box and focus on perfecting product photos.
  4. Read more – I’m probably doing best at this one. I finished three books in January. It helps that I enjoyed all three books: Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter;  What’s So Amazing About Grace?; and The Language of Flowers. I recommend all three. I also attempted to listen to Life of Pi for book club. I didn’t make it through. I read the book ten years ago and really enjoyed it then but it’s not a book that I ever wanted to re-read.
  5. Change it up – January brought one of the biggest changes my life has seen with the loss of my father; it was a rough month and I expect the year will be a hard one. But it helps to know that Daddy would want me to try new things and keep moving forward. On a much lighter note, I did chop off my hair and am one restaurant away from eating at 12 new restaurants before my birthday. I may have to increase the number – not sure I can make it to 20, so guess we’ll go with 15.

Did you make any resolutions? How are you doing?

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