2013 Resolutions: Month Two


Two months into 2013 already! I think time really does go by faster every year. Here’s an update on some of my resolutions:

  • Run 500 Miles – According to Runkeeper, I ran 18.92 miles in February – a few miles less than January, which was a few less than December. I’m at almost 50 miles for the year; not on track for 500 miles but not so far off that I can’t reach my goal. There were a couple of things going on last month. First of all, I dropped a ladder on my foot (yes, I can be a bit of a klutz). I was a little nervous to run while it was still hurting. Second, we had some pretty bad weather last month. Since I don’t have a treadmill anymore, it was hard to get in the miles. The weather has been improving and the days are getting longer. I’m hoping to pick up some extra miles in March.
  • Learn to play the ukelele – I don’t think I touched my ukelele last month. I did however spend time playing the piano. I haven’t mastered the Chopin piece that I want to learn, but I do feel like my playing ability is returning to where it once was.
  • Read more – I didn’t finish any books last month. I took a break from The Distant Hours, to read Daughter of Smoke & Bone for book club, not really my cup of tea. I finally finished it yesterday. I have two books to read for book club, one I read several years ago and loved and the other looks really promising.
  • Change it up – I tried out several new restaurants last month. At last count I’m at 15 new restaurants (beginning last June). It’s been a lot of fun trying out new places, adds a little adventure ordinary life.
  • Be super vigilant about what I buy – I’ve been pretty good about this. I have bought a couple of pieces of clothing that can carry over from season to season.
  • Save More/Spend Less – The area that needs the most work is my grocery spending. Since giving up sugar for Lent I’ve been eating a lot healthier and found myself spending a lot more on groceries. A lot of this is stocking up on healthier staples; I hope to gradually get this under control.
  • Focus – My focus recently has primarily been on catching up some bookkeeping and getting ready for taxes. In addition to focusing on that, I also created a new pattern and began adding new product to the store. This month I plan to spend more time on pattern design and adding new product to the store. I also want to focus on establishing a new source of income and finish updating the blog.

Let’s hope March doesn’t fly by as fast as February! How are you doing on your resolutions this year?

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