30 for 30: The List

After much hemming and hawing, I’ve narrowed down my wardrobe to 30 items. Reminder: this includes clothes and shoes but does not include things like underwear or other accessories (scarves, jewelry, bags). It also does not include workout gear, pajamas, etc. June in Oklahoma can sometimes be a tough month to plan for, it’s usually pretty warm but can occasionally be wet and a little chilly. Plus there are places (like church) that are notoriously cold, so I want to have enough variety to be comfortable on those days. The hardest part about narrowing it down is just deciding how dressy/casual I want to be. Usually my dress code is pretty flexible – dressed up t-shirt dresses should be sufficient but I threw in a nicer dress just in case. I originally narrowed my shoes down to three pairs but thought I better add my Chuck Taylors just in case I need something hardier than sandals. I thought about adding a pair of heels but decided against it; hope that wasn’t a mistake. Over the weekend, I added all my scarves to the Stylebook app and have since been playing around with creating outfits using my 30 items. So far I have over 50 different outfit combinations.

Here’s what made the cut:

Gray T-shirt Dress (Target); Navy T-Shirt Dress (Old Navy – old); Black T-Shirt Dress (Old Navy – old); Black & White Striped T-Shirt Dress (Target – old); Black & White Polka Dot Dress (Target – Old); Green Dress (Zara – old)

Black Lace T-Shirt (Loft – old); Navy Sleeveless Top (Target – old); Black & White Sleeveless Top (Loft Outlet); Poppy Sleeveless Knit Top (Loft Outlet – old); White Eyelet Blouse (Old Navy); Pink/Black Chevron Sleeveless Top (Banana Republic Outlet); Floral Tissue Blouse (Boden – old); Black & White Striped Three-Quarter Sleeved T-Shirt (Target – old); Black Short Sleeve Cardigan (Target); Navy Chevron T-Shirt (Old Navy – old)

White Skinny Jeans (Old Navy); Black Skinny Jeans (Old Navy); Dark Blue Jeans (Old Navy); Cobalt Blue Pants (Old Navy – old); Linen Pants (Banana Republic Outlet – old); Black Shorts (Old Navy -old); Olive Shorts (Old Navy – old)

Zebra Print Skirt (Banana Republic Outlet); Black Skirt (Loft – old); Green Skirt (sewn by yours truly)

Red Cut-Out Flats (Sole Society); Black Wedge Sandals (TOMS); Brown Gladiator Sandals (Loft); Gray Chuck Taylor Sneakers (Converse)

There were a few pieces that were easy picks, but when I got down to the last 10 items I went back and forth a lot. How dressy do I want to be? What if it’s extremely hot? Or unseasonably cool? It will be interesting to see how I feel about my selections at the end of this experiment. I have moved all the extras out of my closet so as not to be tempted. It’s a little strange having so little in my tiny closet. Want to join me in 30 for 30? I would love the company.

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