30 for 30: The Results

Yesterday was the last day of 30 for 30. I’m glad I did this little experiment, but I’m also really glad it’s over; I miss all my other clothes (especially my shoes)! I really admire the people that manage to do Project 333 year round, but I also wonder how many total items they own. With project 333, you could rotate everything each session and end up with 99 items total. I prefer the method of having a small closet but keeping everything available throughout the year.


Overall, I’m pretty happy with my selections. If I were making selections today, I would probably leave out one or two of my t-shirt dresses, my black skirt, and my linen pants. I would add a pair of heels, my poppy colored pencil-skirt, another blouse or two, or maybe one of my nicer dresses. I was initially worried about including two three-quarter sleeve tops but, due to extreme air-conditioning and a nasty-looking scab on my arm, I was really glad to have them available to wear.

Future Closet Changes

This process has really helped me evaluate my wardrobe. I’m not sure that I had worn that navy blouse until now and have decided I don’t really like how it fits – so it’s out. Full disclosure, I did purchase a few items during this process: two t-shirts, two dresses, and three blouses. Between birthday money, birthday discounts, and finding perfect pieces, I chose to make these purchases. I have noticed a change in my shopping habits. If something can’t be worn in different ways with pieces I already own then I’m much better about walking away. I would like to add a white blazer and replace my green skirt (fits oddly), leopard sandals (worn out), and leopard flats (too small). Beyond that, at least for Spring/Summer, my closet it complete; I don’t want anything else. And I will only purchase those items when I find the perfect item – no placeholders! I haven’t yet reintegrated all my other clothes, but I believe that I can get everything on one rod in my closet and that’s how I want to keep it. I logically know that I can get by with less and definitely do not need more than that. So from here on out, with the exception of the above mentioned items, I will be following the one in-one out rule.

Here’s the final breakdown:

  • Black Wedge Sandals – worn fifteen times
  • Red Cut-Out Flats – worn seven times
  • Brown Gladiator Sandals – worn six times
  • Black Short Sleeve Cardigan – worn six times
  • Dark Blue Jeans – worn four times
  • Black Lace T-Shirt – worn four times
  • White Skinny Jeans – worn three times
  • Black Shorts – worn three times
  • Olive Shorts – worn three times
  • Black & White Striped Three-Quarter Sleeved T-Shirt – worn three times
  • Floral Tissue Blouse – worn three times
  • Black & White Striped T-Shirt Dress – worn three times
  • Black & White Polka Dot Dress – worn twice
  • Gray T-Shirt Dress – worn twice
  • Black & White Sleeveless Top – worn twice
  • Poppy Sleeveless Knit Top – worn twice
  • White Eyelet Blouse – worn twice
  • Pink/Black Chevron Sleeveless Top –  worn twice
  • Navy Chevron T-Shirt  – worn twice
  • Black Skinny Jeans – worn twice
  • Green Skirt – worn twice
  • Gray Chuck Taylor Sneakers – worn twice
  • Green Dress – worn once
  • Navy T-Shirt Dress – worn once
  • Black T-Shirt Dress – worn once
  • Zebra Print Skirt – worn once
  • Black Skirt – worn once
  • Navy Sleeveless Top – worn once
  • Cobalt Blue Pants – worn once
  • Linen Pants – worn once

I’m a little surprised at the number of items I only wore once or twice, but since I wanted to wear everything at least once, I guess it would have been difficult to have a higher count for more items. This month I will begin reincorporating my other pieces of clothing, but I will continue tracking what I wear with the Stylebook app. It helps me visualize what I’m actually using, and I believe the cost-per-wear information will be very useful. In addition to keeping my wardrobe down to one rod, my other goal is to get the cost-per-wear numbers down into the pennies before replacing things.

Did you participate in 30 for 30? How did it go?

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