30 for 30: Week 1

After last week’s post about 30 for 30, a friend asked me why I was doing this. More than anything else, I think it’s about convincing myself that I don’t need so many clothes. It’s part of the process of simplifying my household and life. The more I work at simplifying things, the more I realize that having unlimited choice is overrated. When you add them up, all those decisions take a lot of time and effort. They use up energy that I would rather spend doing other things. On the other hand, I don’t want to chuck it all and wear the same thing every day; I love infusing my personality into what I wear.

I think this compromise of limiting choice and forcing myself to be creative with what I have is working well. I love walking into my closet in the morning and having one rod of clothes and four pairs of shoes from which to choose. Of course, I’m only one week in so maybe I’ll feel differently at the end of June. But for now, I’m thinking a lot about how I could continue to minimize my wardrobe.

I’ve been pondering people like Courtney Carver that continually limit their wardrobes to 33 items (including accessories). I wonder if my requirements for casual to professional attire might be greater than some of the people that are successful at that. I work at a law office some days and from home on other days. I occasionally do some consulting that can require me to dress even more professionally than I’m required to dress on days I work at the law office. Ultimately, for me, I think it’s not about a certain number of items, but about finding balance – buying clothes that can serve double duty, clothes that can be dressed up or down, and clothes that can be worn three or four seasons of the year. I think this project is helping me find my way towards balance.

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