Get Cashback on Online Purchases

One of the best ways to save a little money when you are shopping online is to shop through a cash rebate site. Cash rebate sites work by providing you a link to an online store. When you go to the store using the provided link and make a purchase, the retailer pays the rebate site a commission which they pass on to you. There are a lot of these sites out there. I have used FatWallet, MyPoints, Lucky Rewards, and the Discover referral site. My current favorite is Not only do they give you a rebate on items you purchase but you can also earn money through referrals.

Along with coupon code sites like RetailMeNot, referral sites are a huge part of my online shopping strategy.¬†I never base my purchases solely on the rebate. There are occasions where the retailer does not pay the rebate site so you don’t get your money. So if you find an item for less at a store that does not have a rebate, then purchase from that site because it’s a sure thing. Also, sometimes there are stipulations that you cannot use an outside coupon code. This doesn’t happen very often but I have run into this in the past. So if there is a coupon code available, I always use it, because that’s also a sure thing.

Big Crumbs pays once a month and requires a minimum $1 balance for payment. They skip a month between purchases and payment; and usually pay on the 15th day of the month. So if you sign up and make purchases in March, you will begin to see your payments in May. This also gives time to allow for any returns. You will not receive rebates on returned items.

Big Crumbs offers two methods of payment, PayPal or Prepaid Mastercard. I believe I only had the PayPal option when I joined. According to the Big Crumbs website, there is a 2% fee deducted (not to exceed $1.00) on PayPal payments. The Prepaid Mastercard does not have any fees – something to consider when selecting your payment option. To date, my rebates have not been large enough that I have been transferring them from PayPal to my bank (I haven’t been doing much shopping lately). I will sometimes make purchases on Etsy and elsewhere that allow for payments via PayPal. Those purchases are funded, or at least partially funded, via Big Crumbs.

If you are a big buyer on Ebay you definitely want to check out BigCrumbs. You will receive 36% of the seller’s fees for¬†purchases made through ebay. I have not purchased anything from Ebay since joining, but I don’t recall seeing Ebay rebates at any other rebate sites.

Whether it’s through Big Crumbs or another site, rebate sites are a great way to supplement your income. If you make purchases online and don’t use a cash rebate site, you are paying more than necessary. If you shop through a rebate site throughout the year, you might even have enough to pay for Christmas.

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