Etsy Love: Born on the 4th of July… almost

Etsy Love: Born on the 4th of July |

1. Coral Specimen at MonkiVintage; 2. Blue Dutch Bicycle Print at Lichia Liu; 3. Star Confetti Sprinkles at Sweet Estelle’s; 4. Vintage Marquee Light – Number 4 at Vintage Marquee Lights; 5. Red, White, and Blue Drinking Straws at Alana Clemens; 6. Blue Zip Purse at Octavi; 7. Vintage Fringe Boots at Zwzzy

A little known fact about me: I was due to be born on July 4, 1976, which would have made me a true bicentennial baby. Much to my Dad’s chagrin, the doctor did not want to schedule a c-section for that day. June 25th was acceptable, however, because it was the 100th anniversary of Custer’s Last Stand.

Do you have big 4th of July plans? I’m planning to take a little blogging break tomorrow. I’ll be back Friday.

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