Console Table Project

Yesterday I shared some dipped inspiration. Today I’m going to share my most recent project. As I’ve mentioned before, I would like to make some changes to my living/dining area. I have a lot of dark walnut furniture including this Dolce Console Table from Target.

I was a little surprised that Target still has this collection. I think it was almost 10 years ago that I purchased this table. It has great bones and is perfect for this project. I want to add gold accents to the space as well as lighten things up a bit; so I’ve decided to paint the piece white and gold.


I began by spraying the table with Kilz Spray Primer. Then I used Valspar’s Premium Metallic Gold Spray Paint to spray the bottom half of the legs. I bought mine at Lowes but I can’t find it on their website. I love this paint! It is the perfect deep gold color and has just the right amount of shine.


Next, I used a ruler to measure up six inches and taped around the legs. Since the legs have a bit of a slant to them, I couldn’t really wrap one piece of tape around each leg. Instead, I used separate pieces of tape on each side. After I taped, I began painting the rest of the table with Rust-Oleum High Performance Protective Enamel in Gloss White. This paint is very popular across the blogosphere and I have used it on several projects. It is oil based so it’s pretty stinky and not fun to clean up. But it’s very inexpensive, easy to find, and doesn’t show brush marks. So I think it’s worth the mess and smell.


For now, I’ve spray painted the original pulls gold. Eventually I want to replace them with theseĀ Cloisonne Chrysanthemum Pulls from Anthropologie.


I love how it turned out. All the other furniture is so dark and this lightens the dining room up a bit. Have you updated any old furniture?

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