Dirty-Santa Gifts


1. Fortune-Telling Book of Names; 2. Tea Rex Tea Infuser; 3. A Christmas Story Nightlight; 4. Nesting Dolls Kitchen Timer; 5. Fingerstache Temporary Tattoos; 6. Sound Machine; 7. How to Speak Wookiee; 8. Macro Cell Lens Band; 9. Solar Queen

At my old office, we used to play Dirty-Santa at the office party every year. You know, the kind of gift exchange where you bring a nice bottle of wine and end up with a chia pet? It seems like this year I have run across several things that would make good gifts for such a party. They are inexpensive and fun. I would love to have a Solar Queen on the dash of my car. What’s the best Dirty Santa gift you ever gave or received?



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