Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I have been super tired and run down. On top of that there has been a lot going on. I’ve been traveling frequently to my parents’ house to help prepare for the move and spend some time in my childhood home before it belongs to someone else. That means quite a bit of driving. Diego has still seemed off, so I’ve made several trips to the vet which is on the other side of town. And to top it off, I came home Thursday to find a workcrew in my front yard. They are replacing the gas lines in my neighborhood. This is especially frustrating because I just got my backyard in shape from having my gas lines replaced a few years ago. I’m a little frightened that they did some damage. There were several times Friday that I looked out to see a group of men standing around staring in the hole that they’d dug. I think they were trying to figure out how to put my sprinkler system back together. Looks like my next project will be making the front yard look presentable again.


How Many People Are In Space Right Now

Ever wondered how many people are currently in space? How Many People Are In Space Right Now has the answer. It’s kind of cool yet creepy that we know exactly how many people are in space. I wonder how long it will be before there will be too many people to track.



Tree and Leaf Clothing 

The OKC Thunder are one game away from beating knocking out the Lakers. Have you seen this fun James Harden shirt? You can pull up the bottom of the shirt to your face to have your own James Harden beard. Go Thunder!



I have been so run down lately that I am actually considering doing a cleanse. My addiction to Lofthouse Cookies has gotten out of control and lately I’ve been consuming a lot of sugar. My allergies have gone crazy and I’m starting to think that my diet has something to do with it. After reading another blogger’s experience with a cleanse and how much energy she had after doing it, I went looking on the net and found Clean. The reviews are glowing so I downloaded the book yesterday and have been reading it. There are a few things that are maybe a little too new-age for me, but a lot of what the author says makes sense. We do tend to throw medication at our problems and not really look at what might be causing our problems from within. I know that my diet lately hasn’t been very healthy; I’m sure improving it could only make me feel better. The only thing that worries me about the cleanse is giving up dairy and tomatoes. I drink milk everyday and eat yogurt and cheese pretty regularly. That’s going to be hard. When I saw that tomatoes are on the no-no list, I thought about my tomato plants in the backyard. I think I’m going to do this the first three weeks of June, so I will probably have tomatoes by then. That’s one rule I may have to break. Have you done a cleanse? Did it make you feel better?

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