Etsy Love: In the Pink

Etsy Love: In the Pink |

1. Big Hoop Crochet Earrings at Aliquid Textile Jewels; 2. Geometric Necklace Geometric Leather Necklace at NasuKka; 3. Vintage Cameo Onyx Stone Box at White Dog Vintage; 4. Upcycled Natural & Neon Rope Basket at Find Your Happy Design; 5. Archive Tote Bag in Blush Rose Pink Leather at Jenny Design; 6. Linen Kitchen Tea Towel at bonnbonn; 7. Pink & White Picture Frame at Mmim; 8. Studded Cuff Bracelet in Hot Pink ‘Maze’ at Thief & Bandit; 9. Baby Girl Shoes at ajalorl; 10. Coral Crystal Print Leggings by ZIBTextile

When my niece was little, she used to say her two favorite colors were pink and hot pink. Today’s Etsy Love is full of both. You can see the rest of the treasury here.

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