Fall is Here!

I’m sorry for missing yesterday. The ragweed is really giving me a run for my money this Fall. It’s the only thing I hate about Fall. I was so excited this weekend to get outside and do some Fall planting. I bought what may have been the last pansies at Lowes. I cleaned up a couple of the front flower beds, as well as raking the first batch of leaves. I also planted the pansies and scattered some grass seed, before a big rain on Monday.

sedum and newly planted pansies


largest tomato of the season






Olive (again)

Olive and Charlotte were the only dogs interested in hanging out with me while I was taking pictures. The other two were off exploring the yard. My goal is to spend some one on one time with Paseo getting some good photos. He’s the oldest of the four and I think I have the fewest photos of him (good ones anyway).

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