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Over the past few years, I’ve gradually been migrating my magazine subscriptions to digital subscriptions that I can read on my tablet or computer. While it doesn’t work so well for bathtub reading, I typically like the convenience of reading on my tablet so I’ve grown to prefer digital magazines. Not only do digital magazines provide regular magazine content, there is often additional media available through links in articles.

Digital subscriptions are often less expensive and I’ve scored a few free eSubscriptions through freebizmag. But recently I discovered a treasure trove of free magazines through the local library using the Zinio app. It’s kind of a convoluted process. First you must have: an account with your library; a Zinio Account; and¬†a¬†Recorded Books (Zinio for Libraries Account) account. Information for magazines through the Oklahoma City Public Library can be found here. Once you’ve completed the initial process it’s pretty simple to find and download magazines.

I have been pleasantly surprised by the variety of content available – including some pretty pricey weekly magazines. Not all magazines offer back issues and there isn’t much in the way of automatic downloads (you must go to the library site for each new issue). For me it’s worth the extra hassle for the free content. At the very least it provides a way to sample new magazines before subscribing. Plus you can check out as many magazines as you like, great for travel. Do you read digital magazines?

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