Happy Weekend!

Henri Matisse in his apartment in Nice, 1910.

Henri Matisse in his apartment in Nice, 1910 via History in Pictures

I’m sorry for the lack of posts this week. I’m not sure why, but it’s been a rough one. Do you have big weekend plans? I am so excited about the weather forecast this weekend (sunshine and highs in the 70’s)! It will be a welcome¬†vacation from¬†winter.

I think it’s funny Thelma & Louise made this list; it contains the worst depiction of Oklahoma that I’ve ever seen. It would be fun to have a marathon of some of these though. Before Sunrise is one of my favorites.

This looks delicious.

I am desperately trying to keep my email inbox in order; think I’ll try out this new tool.

Hmm. I may have to try out this interesting smoothie ingredient. I do love the taste of licorice.

I want my own Taj Mahal.

500 rats. 50 made it out. 1 became a broadway star.

I love everything about this house.

My dream.

Good money advice.

Have a great weekend!

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