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Have you been watching Expedition Impossible this summer? There are some things that are a bit goofy, mainly I think the host could be a lot better. But you can’t watch and not be inspired. Each team is made up of three members; my favorite team is called “No Limits.” When the show began, I could tell that one team member, Erik, was definitely going to impress. The man is blind and he is out climbing rocks, jumping off cliffs, riding camels, etc. That takes some guts.

I’ve been equally inspired by Jeff and Ike, the two other team members. Jeff works as Erik’s eyes. He tells him where to step, climb and leap. His demeanor is something to strive for; I’ve never seen anyone like Jeff on any other reality show. He’s very patient, kind and encouraging; he doesn’t get upset and throw temper tantrums with either of his teammates. And their status in the Final Four is primarily due do their amazing teamwork.

In the last few episodes we’ve learned more about the third member of the team. Ike is in the military, he’s served in Iraq and Afghanistan, and will return to Afghanistan after the expedition ends. A few episodes ago, Ike hurt his foot. The show’s doctors recommended he quit the race, but he had them put a cast on it and he’s been giving it all he has. The last episode it looked as though they would be beat out, but when they realized there was a team behind them, Ike ran on that cast. He’s slower, but he’s always moving forward.

I can’t mention the show without also mentioning the “Gypsies” team. I’ve been pretty impressed with them as well. They seem to also be inspired by “No Limits” and have not stooped to level of some reality show teams. They want to compete against the best, and even with blindness and a hurt leg, “No Limits” is giving the other teams a run for their money. Even if you haven’t watched the show this season, I highly recommend catching tonight’s season finale. I imagine it’s going to be a pretty wild ride. According to this article, the finale is representative of the entire race and will include¬†paddling, camels, and rappelling. It’s on ABC at 9/8 Central.

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