How was your weekend? Mine was mostly filled with boring business accounting and tax stuff. Thankfully I finished and can get back to more creative work this week.

Reading…The Girl You Left Behind. I have been in a MAJOR reading slump. My goal was to read 50 books this year and I haven’t completed one yet. I have loved every JoJo Moyes book that I have read so I thought this might be the book to get me back into the swing of things. I am about a quarter of the way in and am hooked.

Loving… this weather! I’ve been complaining about the weather this winter, so now that it’s nice I figure I should share my happiness. Spring is finally here! There’s just something about nice weather that makes me much happier and more productive.

Hating… the time change. While I am loving the weather and even the extra hour of daylight, I absolutely hate the time change. I don’t know why, but losing that one hour seems to throw things completely out of whack.

Using… TurboScan app. One of my duties at my part-time job is to complete the deposit. After discovering that some “secure” checks will not copy, the administrator recommended I try this app to “scan” the checks. I love it! It does a great job of turning a document into a PDF or JPG. In addition to using it there; I’ve found myself using it for both the business and creative sides of my business.

Wanting…new window coverings. There are currently two different colors of curtains hanging in my living/dining room. I don’t love either one of them. I’ve been pondering what I want to do and think I’m going to go with these Honeycomb Cellular Shades.

What have you been up to lately?

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