How was your weekend? Mine was super busy. There were lots of rain and storms, but thankfully, the weather cooperated on the most part.

Reading… Speedball Textbook for Pen & Brush Lettering. This book has been on my wish list for awhile. I finally pulled the trigger on purchasing it after it was recommended in an online lettering class I’ve been taking. It really is one of the best lettering books I have, covering a multitudeĀ of styles. This is an older edition but the reviews state it’s the best one.

Eating… Barnana Organic Chewy Banana Bites. I came across these at Sprouts the other day while perusing the gluten/dairy free snacks. They’re pretty good for helping to fill my sweet tooth cravings without being too bad for me.

Visiting… Intent to Deceive exhibit at Oklahoma City Museum of Art. I’m so happy that we made it to the Art Museum this weekend. This may be my favorite exhibit ever. It was fascinating, the stories of these men that attempted to deceive the world with their forged art. I loved learning about how they went about their “work” and how they were eventually caught.

Loving… Vornado Flippi Personal Fan. I’ve been looking for a fan for my desk at the law office. I’ll admit, I was pulled in by the looks of this aqua beauty. Thankfully it is functional as well as stylish. I like it so much I’m considering buying another one for home.

Experimenting… with making gluten free bread. In attempt to prepare for the week, I did quite a bit of cooking this weekend. I was feeling ambitious and tried out this flat bread recipe. Instead of making one big flatbread, I cut it into small rounds to use for sandwiches. It’s a little chewier than I would like. Gluten free bread can be that way. Hopefully if I experiment enough, I will find some recipes I like.

What have you been up to lately?

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