How was your weekend? Mine was about as lazy as they come; the summer heat and humidity will do that to me.

Reading… Well Fed and Well Fed 2. These Paleo cookbooks were Amazon deals this weekend. Having previously checked Well Fed out from the library, I knew they were more than worth the $2.00. I’ve been reviewing both of them, looking for recipes to try.

Watching… Catastrophe.  Still in search of a good summer show, I saw Catastrophe listed in my Amazon suggestions and decided to give it a watch. I really enjoyed it. It’s funny with a lot of heart and gave me my British TV fix. Only problem is the season is only six 25 minute episodes so now I’m back to searching.

Thankful… that the 4th’s over. There were an unusually large number of fireworks set off in my neighborhood beginning Friday and running through at least 4:30 in the morning Sunday – not fun even if you don’t have dogs scared of fireworks. This sad face did not leave my side most of the weekend.

Loving… my new haircut. A few weeks ago I got my hair cut. I took this photo with me to the salon. My hair is not necessarily thick, but I have a lot of it. When I saw the description, I thought it would be perfect. My hair stylist was impressed with the details and gave me a great cut. Now it doesn’t take an hour to dry my hair. I cannot tell you how happy this makes me!

Wanting… Salt & Pepper Grinder. I’m making the transition away from colorful fiesta dishes towards a simpler white palette. I would love to replace my colorful salt & pepper set with these grinders.

What have you been up to lately?

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