Did you have a good weekend? Mine was a pretty good mix of productivity and laziness. At least I managed to give all four dogs a bath – that’s an accomplishment!

Watching… Inspector Lewis. This show has filled the “Brit TV” gap in my TV watching schedule. I’m currently on Series (that’s what they call their seasons for all you non-Anglophiles) three of seven. I just did a little research and learned that there will be a Series 8!

Reading… The Royal We. I finished The Good Girl over the weekend. It was not as good as I expected it to be. It was a bit like Gone Girl, but I figured out the mystery less than halfway into the book. I wanted a lighter read next, so in keeping with my Anglophile ways I settled on this witty book about a faux British Royal family.

Drinking… Hint Water. I have mostly cut regular soda out of my drink rotation. I do however make lots of “soda” with my SodaStream. My recipe usually consists of mixing a bit of flavored water with a bottle of prepared carbonated water. My current favorite is to add a splash Blood Orange Hint Water. It’s like regular orange soda without the syrupy sweetness. Perfection.

Using… Louder Rewards App. I was super-excited to become a Vigglionaire over the weekend. Viggle has been pretty good to me, but I think Louder Rewards has surpassed Viggle as my favorite money-making app. Basically you click on ads in the app to earn points that you can spend towards merchandise or gift cards. In two days of using the app I was able to redeem for a $10 Amazon gift card. I am hoping to continue with that pace and redeem for a couple of Nests.

Wishing for… Fall. I know, I’ve said this a million times, but with the passing of Labor Day, I have a semi-realistic hope that autumn is just around the corner. I’m looking forward to spending time outside again, fall layers, and boots!

What have you been up to lately?

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