I’m sorry for the lack of posts lately. I’ve been focusing my efforts on some creative projects and haven’t it made it to the blog. Hopefully things will improve on that front. Did you have a good weekend? Mine was not particularly productive, but lovely all the same.

Reading… The Burning. I saw a recommendation for this mystery series somewhere and decided to give the first book a go. I’m not very far into it but was excited to learn it’s set in England. I’ve really been on a British kick lately.

Listening… to The Black Tapes podcast. I was intrigued by Joanna’s recent podcast recommendation post. I added Limecast (that she recommended) and The Black Tapes (that several commenters recommended) to my feed. I listened to the first episode of The Black Tapes while walking the dogs this morning. The acting is a little hokey but it did give me goosebumps once. This would definitely be a fun listen closer to Halloween.

Watching… The Emmys. Did you see the Emmy’s last night? I wasn’t very excited about Andy Samberg hosting, but I thought he did a great job. I think I need to add Veep and American Horror Story to my list of shows to try.

Loving… Amazon Headphones. I bought a pair of these one day when they were under $10. I have not tested them on a run yet and suspect they may be a little too big to stay in my miniature ears. They don’t control the volume for iOS, but in every other way, they are perfect. The cable is flat so it doesn’t tangle and the buds are magnetic so they don’t tangle. Every set of headphones should contain these features. Amazon, please make them work with iOS!

Using… As I Am Cleansing Conditioner. I’m not sure how I got onto this stuff but it was so inexpensive and had such great reviews I had to check it out. It doesn’t strip my hair and leaves it nice and soft. Unfortunately, it’s SkinDeep rating isn’t as good as EveryDay Shea which I also like but leaves my hair a little more tangled than I would like.

What have you been up to lately?

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