I’m really sorry for the lack of posts lately. Thanks for coming back!

Watching… Elementary. I’m not sure what it is about this show, but it really is one of my favorites. I had a bunch of Viggle points that I needed to spend and decided to use them onĀ all the seasons of Elementary. I’ve been watching/listening while I work on projects around the house.

Listening to… The Leap. I love this new podcast about people making dramatic leaps in their lives. I especially enjoyed Episode 3. Episode 2 was also really good; but it’s definitely a tear-jerker.

Eating… Venice Bakery Pizza Crusts. I’ve never been a huge bread eater but have always had a soft-spot for flat bread. It’s the main thing I miss since going gluten-free. I ran across these gluten-free crusts at Sprouts one day. They are delicious heated alone with a bit of olive oil – the perfect flat bread.

Loving… Cellular Shades. I bought these in a Black Friday sale and am so happy I did. I installed them over the weekend and love them! I have six windows to cover and I didn’t want to spend a lot of money doing it. These shades are very nice for the price – especially for being bottom-up/top-down shades.

Wanting… Tile Decals. I’ve been on an updating-the-living-room kick. I really want to do something with my fireplace. Ultimately, I’d like to remove the current mantel and replace the current tile, but these decals are in the running for a temporary (several year) update.

What have you been up to lately?

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