How was your weekend? Mine was really nice – nothing exciting but lovely.

Reading… Say What You Will. I occasionally wander into the Young Adult genre. There’s some very smartly written YA novels. I didn’t think this was one of them. I wanted to love it, but it felt too much like the over-dramatic books I used to get at the book fair when I was a kid. I did read it pretty quickly and didn’t feel the need to give it up before I reached the end, so I give it three (out of five) stars.

Watching… Saving Hope. I was so sad when NBC cancelled this show. I new it continued on in Canada but could never find it available to stream in the U.S. I was thrilled when my TiVo recorded a few episodes of the second season as a suggestion. They are showing the new episodes on Ion. I missed the first two, so I ended up buying them on Amazon so I could catch up.

Learning… to pick locks. I became interested in learning how to picks locks after reading this. I bought this kit and after a bit of work was able to open the included lock. I’m definitely not a master, I need a lot more practice. But I was really excited when I did it.

Loving… my new cast iron skillet. I have been contemplating switching out my non-stick pans for cast iron for awhile now. After receiving one as a very thoughtful gift, I finally took the plunge. I was going to wait until I had some flaxseed oil (per this article) to season it, but I was too excited to use it. I used it several times this weekend and love it!

Listening to… What Should I Read Next? podcast. I have been a huge fan of the Modern Mrs. Darcy blog for awhile. I was thrilled when I learned that she had a new podcast. She has each guest share three books that they love, one that they hate, and the last book that they read. She then suggests three books that she thinks they will enjoy. It definitely gets me in the reading mood.

What have you been up to lately?

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