Reading… A Fatal Grace. I just finished this second book in the Inspector Gamache series. There are parts of these books I don’t particularly care for – sometimes the characters can be a bit one-dimensional, but the setting and the well-developed characters make up for the short-comings.

Watching… Blindspot. At the first of the TV season, I selected a few shows to record. I’ve been waiting to see which shows are popular and being picked up for another season. I started watching Blindspot this weekend. It’s one of those shows that leaves you asking the question, “what’s it all mean?” I love those shows. They often disappoint in the end (with no real explanation) but the ride is always fun.

Listening… to The Oh Hellos. I’ve been looking to add some variety to my Pandora stations. The Oh Hellos turned up on one of my new stations and I immediately fell in love with I Have Made Mistakes.

Wanting… iPhone Wallet or Wristlet. I’m hoping to take a short trip late this spring or early summer. I bought an iPhone wallet before going to California and loved it. It made it easy to carry a few essentials without having to carry my purse. I’ve since upgraded my phone and it no longer fits in that wallet so I’m on the lookout for a replacement. I like this wristlet but think it might be a little big. I may go for something smaller like this wallet.

Loving… this weather! I need to find a place to live with lots of sunshine, that has winter highs in the 50’s and summer highs in the 80’s. I could get used to this beautiful weather.

What you have you been up to lately?

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