How was your weekend? Mine was lovely. I got some things accomplished as well as getting in some R&R. I was sad to see the big three state basketball teams lose on Saturday.

Reading… We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves. I am about a third of the way into this one. It is definitely different. You know going in that there’s something you aren’t being told and when the secret is revealed it’s a pretty big surprise – at least it was for me. I’m finding it a smart, quirky read so far.

Listening… to A Share in Death. I’m not sure where I saw this mystery series suggested as a good read. When I checked the library, they only had the audiobook so I downloaded the first book and quickly devoured it. These are set in England and center around the detectives Duncan Kincaid and Jenna James. I think I like these better than the Louise Penny books. This book, the first in the series, had a lot of characters to keep track of – something I found a little harder to do with an audiobook, but I still enjoyed it.

Loving… Heavenly Organics Chocolate Mint Honey Patties. There is a reason these are called heavenly. These three ingredient (processed-sugar-free) mint patties are amazing. I also tried the ginger and plain flavored ones which were also good, but I’m partial to mint chocolate. I hear that Trader Joe’s sells the same thing under their brand. Can’t wait for my next trip to TJ’s!

Using… Paribus. Paribus is a service that watches your online orders, if the prices drops after your purchase, they will automatically contact the vendor and request a refund. They make their money but taking a percentage of the refund. If you shop online a lot like I do, I recommend checking it out. I used to be really good about following up with Amazon on price drops but this is so much easier. If you sign up using this link, they will cut your fee (and mine) by 5%.

Watching… golf. While everyone else was watching the beginning of the Super Bowl, I was watching golf – rooting for Rickie. Alas, no win. I’m beginning to think I’m bad luck…

What have you been up to lately?

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