Eating…at Kamp’s 1910 Cafe. The deli at Kamp’s Grocery Store used to be one of my favorite places to eat, so I was excited to try Kamp’s 1910 Cafe. The ambiance was reminiscent of the old deli. I had the Mama Mia Club which was good but not as tasty as I hoped it would be. I was disappointed that none of the old standbys from the old deli were available. I would love to time-travel and stop by Kamp’s deli to pick up some tabouli and ham salad.

Stocking up…on Coconut Sugar. As I’ve mentioned, I’m giving up processed sugar for Lent. I’ve been doing lots of research, looking for alternatives and recipes to help me be successful. You would be amazed at everything that contains sugar. It’s not just limited to desserts; it’s in salad dressing, bread, and so much more. I’ve been using coconut sugar in my coffee for awhile and was initially unsure if it would be cheating. After finding several blogs devoted to the Paleo diet that include recipes with coconut sugar, I’ve decided it wouldn’t be cheating to use it.

Reading…The Distant Hours. I have heard nothing but good things about Kate Morton’s The Forgotten Garden, so when I saw The Distant Hours Kindle book on sale I decided to buy it. So far I’m really enjoying it. It begins when a mysterious letter arrives nearly 25 years after it was sent. The main character, Edie, learns that her mother had a mysterious childhood. She had left London to live with another family during WWII. So far, the story of the castle where she lived and the family she lived with is slowly unfolding.

Loving…last week I did a bit of a Keep it Local tour. After dining at Kamp’s, I went to check out Shop Good. Loved it! It’s a clothing & accessories store with a great selection of local t-shirts, including Thunder, OSU, and OU. They also have a Warby Parker showroom. In addition to having some pretty cool stuff, part of the proceeds of each purchase goes toward a good cause.

Deciding…on paint colors. Last week I went to Sherwin Williams and got three different Color to Go Paint Samples. I decided to try out Knitting NeedlesMarch Wind, and Mindful Gray. Being able to paint large swatches on the side of the house is really helpful. I’m leaning towards Mindful Gray, but wonder if it might be a bit too green. I think I might try a swatch on a piece of cardboard or something that I can look at away from the house. I think the current green on the house may be making it look greener than it would otherwise.

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