Reading… The Nest. I’ve taken a bit of a break from fiction reading lately. This book keeps popping up on my radar so I had put a hold on it with the library. It became available yesterday and I’ve begun reading it. Hopefully it will pull me back in to reading. I think I’m running behind to meet my 50 book goal for this year.

Eating… at Guernsey Park. Guernsey Park has become one of my favorite places to eat. They are really good with preparing meals gluten free. Plus they have delicious food and a cool atmosphere. I love their brunch; I had the steak & eggs, raspberry lemonade mimosa, and the Chocolate Five Ways dessert. This is the only restaurant that I frequent where I’ve developed a habit of getting dessert. So good!

Watching… Why Some of us Don’t Have One True Calling Ted Talk. I listened to the episode of Intentionally Wandering with Emilie Wapnik this weekend. Amazing! I learned that I’m a multipotentialite (someone with many interests and creative pursuits)! I have since been exploring Emilie’s blog and watching her Ted Talk. Great stuff!

Wanting… new window treatments. All my minimizing is having a bit of an impact on my decorating style. I wouldn’t say it’s gone completely minimal, but definitely more so than in the past. I really want to replace the bedroom window treatments (currently dark bamboo shades and billowy curtains) with some blackout shades. I’m digging these textured shades from Smith+Noble.

Loving… I’m not sure where I first learned of this service but it is a game changer. You can connect it with your gmail and use it to control all of the subscription emails you receive. It makes it easy to clean up the stuff you don’t want and you have the option of keeping the stuff you do in your inbox or rolling it into one email that contains all of those chosen message.

What have you been up to lately?

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