Yay! August Break was nice but I’m excited to be back to regular blogging. How was your weekend? I was sick most of the weekend. Not fun! It was a very lazy weekend. Thankfully, I’m feeling much better and ready to face the week ahead.

Reading… Our Souls at Night. I think this is the only book I read during the month of August and it’s a short one. I loved this book. It’s the story of a widow who pays a visit to her neighbor, a widower, with a proposition. It reminded me a bit of Before Sunrise, except this couple is a lot older and it plays out over months, not a day.

Listening to… Amazing Two Hour Midnight Thunderstorm on Amazon Prime. I have probably mentioned before that three of the dogs are pretty frightened of thunderstorms – one of them deathly afraid. I’ve been gradually introducing this thunderstorm track into the background. I am hopeful that maybe I can desensitize the dogs to storms. Only time will tell if it will work – fingers crossed.

Watching… football. I was sleeping off and on most of the weekend and didn’t really want to start watching something that required my full attention. Football was the perfect soundtrack. I could figure out what I’d missed when I woke up and it football always makes it feel like Fall (my favorite season).

Drinking… Bonafide Bone Broth. I’ve become a believer in the bone broth. I ran a fever all day Saturday and was worried that I might have the flu. I chugged away at this bone broth all day and my fever broke sometime early Sunday morning. Maybe it would have anyway, but I’ll definitely be consuming bone broth when I’m sick in the future.

Wanting… Toms Jutti Chevron Flats. My Toms sandals have become my go-to shoes this summer. They are so comfortable but still cute. I have my eye on these flats for Fall/Winter. I was hoping to find them on sale for Labor Day but no dice.

What have you been up to lately?

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