I’m sorry for the radio silence last week. I was out of town part of the week and was recovering the rest of the week. Hopefully things will be back on track this week.

Watching… The Good Place. Did you see the season finale?!? When they first began running ads for this show, I had absolute no interest in watching it. Then a critic, that I usually agree with, and a friend, both recommended it. I’ve rally enjoyed it and am intrigued by the twist in the finale. I hope it gets picked up for another season.

Reading… The Daily Stoic. I was inspired to check out this book after reading this blog post. Each daily reading seems to provide great food for thought.

Drinking… DRY Sparkling Vanilla Bean. I happened across this drink the other day and being a fan of vanilla felt compelled to try it. It did not disappoint. In fact, I liked it so much that I’ve been making a homemade version by adding a dash of vanilla to my homemade soda water.

Eating… chicken salad.  Around the time I began college, my sister gave me a cookbook.  It was written for someone that was new to cooking.  It explained how to make hard boiled eggs and other stuff like that.  It also had a really good chicken salad recipe in it. It contained olives. I believe everything is better with olives. I don’t really follow the recipe anymore, but I always add olives when I make chicken salad. And I’m always surprised when the olives in restaurant chicken salad turn out to be grapes.

Loving… my immersion blender. I use my regular blender on a daily basis and never thought I needed an immersion blender. I only use it for one thing, but it makes that thing so easy I can’t imagine living without it. If you make homemade mayonnaise, I highly recommend using an immersion blender. There’s no need to slowly drizzle the oil in and you don’t even have to use a room temperature egg.

What have you been up to lately?

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