Reading… stack of magazines and new (to me) blogs. I’m between books right now – looking for just the right book to begin. I spent my reading time this weekend catching up on magazines (did you know many libraries have a wide selection of digital magazines?). I also discovered a couple of new blogs that I binge read old posts. I highly recommend The Lazy Genius Collective and Four Pillar Freedom.

Listening to… Afford Anything Podcast. I enjoyed Paula on the Masters of Money podcast so much that I have been binge listening to her podcast. The guests and tyopics are very relatable and help get me in the frame of mind for my No Spend February.

Experimenting with… making mug cake. I like the idea of these personal sized cakes. It helps keep me from binging on more sweets than I should eat. I’ve been expirimenting with this recipe. Two tablespoons of maple syrup is a little too much, so I’m playing around with using less and getting it to turn out ok.

Using… Instagram. I have had an Instagram account for a long time, but never posted any photos. The Show Me Your Drills Challenge has a very active group on Instagram so I took the plunge and created an account specifically for lettering. I have since posted a few pics on my regular account and hope to keep doing so. They will most likely be some of the same photos I post here but if you’d like to check them out you can find me @thesusannajane and @lettersbysus.

Wanting… Sensu Digital Artist Brush. Karin @ipadlettering has been showcasing this brush in her Instagram. She uses it to do watercolor paintings on her iPad. I have done a few watercolors on Adobe Sketch but suspect a brush might make for better paintings – at least it would feel more like I was really painting.

What have you been up to lately?

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