Watching…Feud: Bette and Joan. Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange are excellent in this new drama about the (supposed) feud between between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. I found it entertaining but if it weren’t for the costume and set design, I’m not sure I would be into it enough to keep watching. The old Hollywood feel will keep me coming back.

Reading… Lessons in Typography. I’m working towards taking my lettering to the next level. I think my skills (at Calligraphy at least) are decent, now I feel like the major challenge is developing good layouts. I just began reading this book, so far it’s mostly stuff I already know. But the reviews have me hopeful I will find a lot of good information here.

Drinking… Pour Over Coffee. I think it’s pretty well-established that I’m a bit of a coffee snob. I had been drinking a lot of French Press. Occasionally when I had the need to make more than one cup at a time, I was opting for pour-over using this 34 oz Bodum. I was getting a little tired of the inevitable grounds left in the coffee with French Press. I preferred the pour over, so I decided to invest in this individual pour over maker. I’m a fan!

Loving… Pocket Casts. I am a huge podcast listener and was excited when I read this Lifehacker post about the Pocket Casts App. I absolutely hate the Apple Podcast app and have most recently been using PodCruncher, which is better but could definitely use improvement. I was impressed with the interface of Pocket Casts and that you can have different settings for different podcasts. I bit the bullet and paid the $3.99 for the app. I do not regret it. I’ve been doing the free trial for the browser based listening and will probably buy that when the trial is over.

Listening… to Missing Richard Simmons. One thing I really like about the Pocket Casts App is that it makes it really easy to discover popular new podcasts. This one was at the top of the list. Richard Simmons was everywhere when I was growing up in the 80’s; three years ago he just fell off the radar. This podcast is the story of a friend of his trying to figure out what happened.

What have you been up to lately?

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