I did not intend to take last week off from blogging, it just happened. I’ve been working on some other projects and am finding I don’t have the creative energy in me to do those and post here. Hopefully once I get in a rhythm that will change.

Watching… Doctor Blake Mysteries. Last week I was excited to discover that TiVo had recorded a whole season of Doctor Blake for me without my knowledge. I’ve been binge watching ever since. I’m a little disappointed in the second half of Series Two (season two for you Americans). It’s a little too dramatic for my taste, but not so bad that I’ve given up on it.

Listening to… Everything that Remains. The Minimalists are a big deal in the world of minimalism. I sometimes find them to be a bit pretentious, but I’ve heard really good things about this book. I listened to a big chunk of it while doing yard work over the weekend and have been enjoying it. It’s inspiring me to make the final push in minimizing the house.

Reading.. Your Money or Your Life. This book is the bible of most of the financial independence world. I’ve been meaning to read it for awhile. When my library reserve finally became available, I decided it was time to dive in. There are a lot of minimalism themes in this book too so maybe it will tag team with Everything that Remains to inspire me.

Wearing… Boden Blackberry Dresses. I’m so happy that the weather has begun to tip towards spring-like weather. I have pulled out my spring and summer uniform, the Blackberry Dress. I have five of these dresses, purchased on sale over the last couple of years. I discovered when looking up the link that they have a couple of new fabrics for this year. I may have to add a couple of more at the end of the season (I wear them often enough, I suspect the ones I have will begin to wear out at some point).

Wanting… The Bigger Carry On Suitcase. I stumbled across the Away line of suitcases the other day and I am smitten. My old suitcase had a few holes in it by the end of my last trip. When I schedule my next trip I think I will spring for one of these. I love how the suitcase is organized. Plus it has a lifetime warranty and a built in phone charger!

What have you been up to lately?

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