Loving… Q and A a Day: 5-Year Journal. I saw this at Barnes and Noble the other day and decided to pick one up. It’s like the One Line a Day journals, but instead of the writer choosing the topic, there is a new question to answer each day. So far my questions have been: “Who is your closest companion?” “What’s your biggest indulgence?” and “When was the last time you ate pizza?” It will be fun to see how things vary over the course of the next five years. There is also a Q & A a Day for Kids.

Watching… The Killing. This show has always been darker than most, but this season is incredibly dark. If you’ve never seen it, it’s not like CSI where the crime is solved in one episode; instead, one murder investigation unfolds over the course of the season. The first murder actually took two seasons to solve. This season is a little different in that we’re not certain the victim, who has seemingly been abducted by a serial killer, has actually been murdered. If you like crime dramas, this is one of the best.

Eating…at Guernsey Park. A friend took me to Guernsey Park for my birthday. The food was great and the atmosphere was very cool – a much different vibe than most places in OKC. We tried the oxtail ravioli (pictured). It was good, but I think we both liked the pho salad that came with it the best. If you have a fear of new foods – this one’s probably not for you.

Wanting… a Nook HD+. My first generation iPad can’t keep up with all the new apps; there are some days the Pinterest app crashes multiple times in a 10 minute session. If money were no object, I would prefer a new iPad. But at $150 (plus giftcards and birthday money burning a hole in my pocket), I’m not sure this tablet can be beat. Barnes and Noble has removed the restrictions from the device so anything available in the Google Play store can be installed on it (including the Amazon Kindle App).

Reading… Daring Greatly. Brene Brown’s TED talks are some of the most popular on the TED website. A friend, who I really admire for her courage to do her own thing,  recommended I read this book. It’s about daring to live a great life by allowing yourself to be vulnerable.

What have you been up to lately?

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