Wanting… Up until a few weeks ago, I was running in the morning, three times a week. I never really thought I would love to run, but I was really starting to enjoy it,when tendonitis struck in my right ankle. I started physical therapy last week. It’s finally started feeling better and I really hope to be out on the road again soon. Last week was a pretty stressful one and I would have loved to run off some of my anxiety. These shoes are supposed to be among the best for over-pronators. Maybe between the shoes and the strength training my therapist is having me do, I can avoid another ankle injury.

Listening… It’s a good thing Amazon has really good music deals. I’ve kind of been going crazy with the album purchases the last couple of weeks. Most recently, I bought Mumford & Sons new album Babel. If you’re a Mumford & Sons fan, you like this album.

Eating… I have discovered the yummiest store bought chocolate chip cookies ever. They are Grandessa Signature Chocolate Chunk Gourmet Cookies from Aldi. I think the secret, well maybe not a secret because it is listed in the ingredients, may be the brown sugar. I think these could pass for homemade.

Plotting…I’ve decided to start doing some home projects that will hopefully add some value to my house. Several of the projects I have in mind are Ikea hacks. Now I just need to make a trip to Dallas or convince my sister in Denver to go for me. Oklahoma City really needs an Ikea!!!

Backing Up… I recently lost some data from my computer. I had been really good about using Time Machine to backup to an external harddrive and using also using Carbonite to secure an offsite backup. Then I had to replace the harddrive on my computer and I had not started backing up again. I’m kicking myself now. Carbonite is currently offering a free trial and a$20 Amazon giftcard to anyone that signs up through January 3. If you don’t have a backup plan I recommend looking into a service like Carbonite.

What have you been up to lately?

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