Making a Living without a Conventional Job

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This one’s for those of you that are thinking of taking your own leap of faith and making a living without a conventional job. Living this life isn’t always easy. It’s different, so it’s not understood and questioned, a lot. While some people will admire your choice to give up the regular eight-to-five, others can’t see outside the box and will question your every move. What you’re doing is different and they can’t comprehend that it can be done. What you know, and what they may never understand is that it all boils down to lifestyle. It’s making choices to live a life doing the things you love over working at a high paying job that you hate just so you can buy a bunch of stuff. It’s choosing experiences over cable television. It’s deciding to live below your means, in a modest house. It’s preferring to live a good story over trying to fill the void with stuff. It’s running your own race and not worrying about keeping score. It’s not an easy life but I promise you, it’s one worth living.


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  • RC

    Nice post! I am also on the journey of leaving behind a full-time corporate career to find multiple profit centers, and you are so right…most people don’t understand that not everyone wants to spend the rest of their lives married to a job for “security” and big money, and that the sacrifices we’ve made are worth it to us. The good news is that I think flexible work is becoming more accepted, especially with the state of the economy. I hope you keep moving forward with your goals. I plan to keep moving forward with mine. Best of luck to you.

    • Susanna

      Thank you. Good luck to you too!


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