March Goals – An Update

Most Recent Trip to Hazardous Waste Disposal Center

March is more than halfway over. At the first of the month I set out a few things that I wanted to accomplish this month. How am I doing?

  • Complete the gallery wall in bedroom – I’m not finished with this, but I have been working on it. Hopefully I’ll have some photos to share soon.
  • Do another pretty big purge of stuff including selling some stuff that I’ve been planning to sell for awhile (if it doesn’t get sold this month I will donate it) – I purged a lot of stuff from my closet. I sold some of it at Plato’s Closet, some at Daisy Exchange and plan to hit up one more consignment store this week. I’ve also been putting together some items that I plan to sell on Amazon/Craigslist/Facebook.
  • Make another trip to the hazardous waste disposal center – Done!
  • Begin to utilize Evernote for business and computer files – Have not worked on this
  • Complete Line Drawing Course on Creative Bug – I’ve completed the first three classes. I’m really enjoying this one.
  • Start Doodles to Designs Course on Skillshare – I did the first module but am having a little trouble getting into this. The teaching style is a little distracting for me (he uses a puppet). I plan to dive back into this one this week.
  • Learn more about Fulfilled by Amazon program and begin selling on a small scale – I’ve been studying up on this. I have some books and videos of my own that I think I will begin with then move on to finding new product.
  • Develop a habit of daily meditation – I’ve also been studying up on this. I’m working at making this a regular habit.

Have you had a productive March? What would you like to accomplish before the end of the month.

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