Minimizing – June Challenge

Helping my sister pack to move, along with traveling and staying at the airbnb, has me thinking a lot about minimizing again. I’m not sure that I would ever open my home as an airbnb, but even mild consideration has inspired me to continue on my minimizing journey. With five pets, it’s not easy to do a lot of traveling. But the goal, in five years or so, is to be at a point where I can work from anywhere and do it. Thinking about my home and wardrobe from the viewpoint of a traveler inspires me to do some more refining – remove all the extra junk and cut it back to the basics.

Minimizing has been an ongoing process around here. I’ve shared several times the various challenges I’ve created for myself. I think the most successful one was a couple of years ago when I spent the entire month devoted to clearing out stuff; the challenge being to spend at least a few minutes every day devoted to the work. So for the rest of June, I’m going to concentrate on minimizing. Past clear-outs have made a dramatic impact on much of the house but there are still a few trouble areas: primarily my studio closet, desk, and guest rooms. This week I’m going to begin listing a few things on Craigslist, take a box of books to Half Price Books, and some clothes & shoes to Clothes Mentor. What can you do this week to let go of things you no longer want?

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