Nate Love

Did anybody see Tuesday’s Nate Show? He had one of my most favorite segments ever. There was a couple on the show that lived in a house that used to belong to the husband’s great aunt. It had all the original furniture which was very dated. The room looked pretty bad.

The Nate Berkus Show


Nate took all the furniture and updated it. This is all the original furniture!

The Nate Berkus Show


The green chairs were in the original room, you just can’t see them in the before photo. When I saw those I hoped he wasn’t going to reupholster them and he didn’t he just ebonized the legs. He removed the tufting from the sofa, covered it in a blue linen and painted the wood white. He painted the wood on the coffee table a charcoal gray. And he painted the side tables white, kept the original hardware and added a crocodile embossed paper to the stone tops. I love the rug! I think I would like to go with something like this in my living room update. What’s your best furniture makeover?

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