March Goals

It’s hard to believe it’s already March (especially with this weather)! My goal for February was to continue to get organized and establish some new habits to stay that way. While I wasn’t as focused on that goal as I would have like to have been, I did ok. As part of the cleanse I’m doing, I’m supposed to go for a walk every evening after dinner. Due to the pretty nasty weather we’ve been having, that has not happened; I have, however, made a point to get up and move around. This has helped me develop the habit of doing a little bit of cleaning around the house each evening. The more organized I can be, the more time I have to dive into the things I love.

March is going to be a little out of the norm, for the first part of the month I have a project I’m consulting on, so I anticipate most of my focus will be on that until it’s finished. I do expect to have some free time here and there and would like to accomplish a few things during those moments:

  • Complete the gallery wall in bedroom
  • Do another pretty big purge of stuff including selling some stuff that I’ve been planning to sell for awhile (if it doesn’t get sold this month I will donate it)
  • Make another trip to the hazardous waste disposal center
  • Begin to utilize Evernote for business and computer files
  • Complete Line Drawing Course on Creative Bug
  • Start Doodles to Designs Course on Skillshare
  • Learn more about Fulfilled by Amazon program and begin selling on a small scale
  • Develop a habit of daily meditation

What are your goals for March?

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