No Spend February

Can you believe it’s already February? It will be 2018 before we know it. Over the years I’ve observed several people taking part in “no spend” months (and even years). I did a similar challenge for Lent a few years ago. My mindset on spending has changed quite a bit since I really began to minimize. I want to keep up the momentum and really dive into changing my spending habits, so I’ve decided to challenge myself to not purchase any non-essentials for the entire month of February. And yes, selecting the shortest month of the year is part of my plan for success. So groceries are allowed, clothing, books, and all those extras I tend to come home with from Target are not. I do plan on purchasing a couple of gifts this month, and no, those gifts can’t be for myself. I’m also allowing experience spending because I don’t tend to overspend in that area. In addition to this challenge, I plan to focus on bringing my other bills down. I plan to do an audit of all my expenses and see where I can make some changes. Let’s do this! Are you in?

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