Organizing Around the House

I’ve been doing a bit of organizing around the house lately. I said before that I’m loving these baskets from Target. They are perfect for my bathroom organization. And after seeing this product¬†on Pinterest, it occurred to me that I could do something similar with some large PVC. So I bought a 5 foot piece of 3″ PVC and cut it into pieces. The pipe is perfect for holding my brushes, combs, curling irons, and flat iron. I was originally using a different basket and didn’t have the pipe glued together, but with this larger basket, glue was necessary. So I used some Gorilla Glue. This newly organized basket has been a big timesaver for me; no more digging and separating cords while I’m rushing around in the morning.


Then I used a combination of the baskets and other containers for my other bathroom stuff. My bathroom has absolutely no storage, so for the time being I’m keeping these in the closet right outside the bathroom door. Someday I would like to do some medicine cabinets similar to these. They are going to have to be DIY’d though, $300/cabinet is WAY out of my price range.


While we’re at it, thanks to Pinterest, I also rolled all my T-Shirts in my T-Shirt drawer. This is one of the best organizing tips I’ve seen in a long time! My t-shirts fit in the drawer better and I can see them all.

What are your favorite organizing tips?

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