Outside Halloween Decorations

On my morning walk today, I discovered that my neighbors had really stepped up their Halloween decorations over the weekend. It made me want to decorate my house. Here’s some outdoor decoration inspiration via Pinterest.

Crooked House via Pinterest

Martha Stewart via Pinterest

I like both these spider ideas. The balloon spiders would be fun to make, but would probably have to be made very close to Halloween. I doubt they would last very long.


Martha Stewart via Pinterest

After this summer, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find dead plants in my yard to do something like this arrangement.


Instructables via Pinterest

One of my neighbors also put some of these skeletons on their house. I’m going to watch for some of these on sale after Halloween.


via Pinterest (if you know the source of this blog photo please let me know)

These witches appear to be inside, but I think something like this would be cute on a front porch. Do you decorate the outside of your house for Halloween?



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