August Break – Day 8: Selfie

Olive was probably less excited for taking a selfie than me, but I was determined to get one with her this year. She has very few teeth so her tongue hangs out a lot. I love that this picture captures that.

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August Break – Day 7: Inspiration

I’ve been doing a lot of lettering lately and very little surface pattern design. The goal is to get back to it soon. I have lots of ideas for some floral patterns and have been collecting photos to use as inspiration. These pink impatiens are going into my inspiration file.

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August Break – Day 6: Old

Last year I shared a photo of Paseo in his tie for today’s prompt. Sadly, we lost Paseo in June. I had planned to write a tribute to him but planted a garden in his honor instead. I still intend to write something, but today is about Daisy. She’s the new oldie of the house. She’s still as ornery as ever, so it’s hard to believe that she’s 11 years old now. She loves to bark at the rest of us and give us a piece of her mind. I think she misses having Paseo to boss around; she seems a little lost without him.

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August Break – Day 5: Up High

I was hoping to photograph the cardinal family that appear to be living in this tree. But, of course, when I was there with my camera, they were nowhere to be found.

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August Break – Day 4: Reading

In addition to reading, Velva Jean Learns to Drive, I just finished listening to Bear Town. It’s by Fredrik Backman, author of A Man Called Ove. I don’t want to give too much away because I went into it blind and am glad that I did. It’s the story of a small hockey town and what happens when an incident divides the town. I highly recommend this one.

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August Break – Day 3: Green

It wouldn’t be August Break without a photo of the Underground. I’ve always thought this portion gives a sickly glow to everything. I much prefer the blue section.

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August Break – Day 2: Looking Down

This is my view looking down out of my office window. It’s funny what you notice when you photograph something. I look out my office window all the time but had never noticed the blue stairwell entrance on the top of the parking garage.

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August Break – Day 1: Breakfast

I can’t believe it’s already August. That means it’s time for August Break. I contemplated changing up the prompts this year but decided to leave them the same for one more year. It is fun to compare the photos from year to year. Although for this year’s first day, I almost took a photo of the exact same thing as last year; smoothies are still a big thing around here. Instead, I opted to take a photo of breakfast food eaten for lunch. Bacon, eggs, avocados, and homemade tortillas are perfect for any time of day.

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Reading… Velva Jean Learns to Drive. This story is about a young girl coming of age in the Appalachian Mountains. I’m about a quarter of the way into it and am really enjoying it. It’s the first in a series. I’m looking forward to reading all of them.

Listening to… Reply All: Black Hole, New Jersey. I’ve been listening to a bunch of random podcasts that I have subscribed to, trying to decide which shows can stay and which ones should go. This episode of Reply All kept the show in the “stay” category. It’s the story of people using other people’s identities to order things on the internet. It was kind of fascinating.

Watching… Playing House. I happened to see an episode of The Middle that had Keegan-Michael Key in it. It made me wonder if Playing House had come back for the summer. I was excited to discover that it had and was able to watch it on the USA app. This is one of those shows that can definitely be hit or miss – but when it’s a good one, it’s really good. I blew through the 8 episode season pretty quickly.

Studying… Procreate Brush Making on Skillshare. Since I began iPad Lettering, I’ve learned quite a bit about Procreate. I’ve been wanting to make my own brushes and was pleased to find that there are a few classes on Skillshare. I’ve taken a couple of them and am excited to take some of the lettering classes offered.

Loving.. this weather. This weather is amazing for late July/early August! The forecast for the next seven days only has one day in the 90’s (and it’s the low 90’s). The last few weeks had been so hot and humid that I’d barely been outside. It’s so nice to get back outside!

What have you been up to lately?

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Happy Weekend!

A Ringling Bros. Circus elephant walks out of a train car as young children watch in the Bronx railroad yard in New York

Do you have big weekend plans? I’m working on some t-shirt designs and planning a blog remodel.

What to say to a grieving friend.

On that subject, I recently discovered this and found it very comforting.


Are you ready for the eclipse? Beware, there are apparently a lot of bad viewing glasses on the market.


This house is incredible.


I wonder if green puppies are good luck.

I’ve added some new t-shirt designs to Amazon: here, here, and here.

Have a great weekend!

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