Quilts and Color at Oklahoma City Museum of Art

Here are a few photos of my favorite quilts at the Quilts and Color Exhibit. I recommend checking it out; the exhibit ends February 7th.

Sunshine and Shadow Quilt, 1880s


Log Cabin, Barn Raising Variation quilt, 1879
Star of Bethlehem with Pomegranate Trees Quilt, about 1850


Fans, 1900-10
The Diamond Field, about 1860


Tumbler’s quilt, about 1920.


Center Medallion tied child’s comforter, 1910

The last one reminds me of a couple of quilts that my great-grandmother made that we used when I was growing up. It was made of square swatches and tied with fuzzy black ties. I guess my fascination with color and pattern was alive even then because I used to love to study all the swatches of those quilts.

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