Sorry for the prolonged absence. I’m afraid I don’t have much to show for it. I’m trying to find my rhythm in this heat. It’s too hot to do anything. I usually take the dogs for a long walk in the mornings but the lows have been pretty high at around 80┬░ plus humidity. Daisy (a pug mix) seemed to really be affected by the heat so I decided it was best to keep them inside except for quick jaunts outside to do their business. We’re all a little cranky from the lack of activity – envision three dogs barking a lot at nothing and a person trying to work from home. I cannot wait until fall or at the very least for the lows to get down into the 70’s.

Olive, Daisy, Paseo

I went to the new Outlet Shoppes. We went a little after nine on Friday morning (opening day) and it was packed. Our first stop was Banana Republic where I did the majority of my shopping. Our next stop was Gap but when we realized the line to check out was wrapped around the store we quickly decided not to even try to shop there. I think once the newness and tax-free weekend end it will be a great place to shop.

The Line to get into the Coach store is wrapped around the building

I finished reading One Day. I wasn’t sure if I would like it, but I loved it. I’m really looking forward to seeing the movie.┬áMakes me really miss my “Dex.” If you’ve read the book, my best friend wasn’t at all a jerk like Dex and it didn’t turn into a love story but it was the best friendship. I wish I hadn’t lost touch with him.

I’ve spent a lot of time catching up on my blog reading. I was pretty far behind. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • I love this Ballard Designs fixture at Restored Style – I think this is more my style than the fixture I currently have in my dining room

I have been playing around some with Spotify. I was excited when it finally came to America but a little disappointed that it doesn’t have the Pandora like features that it apparently has in Europe. I was really excited to find these instructions on how to import my Pandora Thumbs-Up songs.


My parrotlet, Diego, hatched a year ago. He loves to talk but I’ve had trouble getting him to perform for others. Most birds begin with closet talking. It takes them awhile to get confident enough to speak in front of people. He’s just starting to reach the point where he’ll talk to me. I took this video of him the other day at breakfast. He didn’t say some of his more understandable stuff, like “Silly Bird,” and “Whatcha doin’ little buddy.” But there’s a “Buddy, Buddy, Buddy,” “Cupcake,” “Didder, Didder, Didder…” and “Come ‘ere.” My niece used to say “Didder, Didder, Didder” over and over when she was little and learning to talk. I thought it would be funny if Diego said it, he picked that up really fast as well as her suggestion “Cupcake.”


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