Shipping Station Update

Last summer, I told you about this cabinet that I found on the side of the road while I was walking the dogs. I still haven’t figured out what it’s original purpose was. My best guess is that it was once a stereo cabinet. As you may remember, I originally painted it with Rustoleum Safety Red Spray Paint. Outside, it looked like an orange-red (what I was going for), but inside it just looked red. We’ve had a nice stretch of weather lately and I decided to repaint it. This time I opted for two cans of Rustoleum Enamel paint, one in red and one in yellow. I mixed them until I had a color that I liked. Again, it looked a lot more orange outside than it does inside. But it’s definitely more of an orange-red than it was before.

I added a lid organizer similar to this one to the left side of the cabinet for my envelopes and boxes. And I used some black shelf liner similar to this on the top inside. I love how the top has room to store my tape, business cards, and other supplies. I would like to eventually get some baskets or containers to store all that stuff and make it a bit prettier.

I’m very pleased with my roadside find. It’s counter height, which works well for using my paper cutter and preparing my orders for shipment. And it provides me a place to store and easily access all the business stuff.

Have you ever picked up anything on the side of the road? Do tell.

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  • Lindsay

    It looks amazing! You did a wonderful job of refinishing it.

    • Susanna

      Thanks! I love when a project that I have in my head turns out like I envision it!