Shipping Station

So, the weather was not as cool this morning as I’d hoped. It was however very nice Thursday evening, so I took my cabinet, soon to be “shipping station” outside and started prepping. As a reminder, here’s what it looked like the day I picked it up from the side of the road.

I have removed all the drawers which are basically wooden trays that were built to fit inside the piece, definitely not original. All of the drawers and slides have been removed. I’m planning on filling in the holes, painting them, lining them with fun paper and using them as trays. I removed as much of the “carpet” as I could and cleaned the piece with TSP. I call it carpet because that’s what the back reminds me of. It looks like the back of a carpet or rug.

Under the “carpet” there was a name. It’s pretty hard to make out. Any ideas?

Since taking these pictures I have sanded the inside and there’s still adhesive and remnants of the “carpet.” So now I’m weighing my options. I’d thought about getting some veneer to cover the insides but to do it right I would need to buy more than one sheet which would dramatically increase the cost of my project. I’m contemplating doing something with wallpaper or contact paper.  I may start by painting it and see how bad it looks.

This Old House

I’m thinking about using some shelf brackets to divide up the space for boxes, etc. I went to Lowe’s today to check out my options. I did not purchase any brackets but did pick up some paint. At first, I didn’t think they had the Safety Red Paint so I picked up a can of Lobster Red. It’s pretty orange, but since it’s called red I wonder if it will be a red orange. As I mentioned before, I’m a little worried that the Safety Red might be too red. I bought a can of each and plan on painting two of the drawers, one in each color, to see which one I can live with.

So there’s where things stand. Hopefully we will get a couple of cool non-rainy days so I can paint! What do you think? Should I spring for the veneer? Any other ideas?

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  • Sr

    Looks great!!

    • Susanna

      Thank you!