Shopping with Rewards

As I mentioned in my New Year’s post, I am aiming to take advantage of various points systems to purchase stuff that’s not a need. I haven’t started the year very well. I’ve already purchased several items that aren’t must-haves. It’s so hard to draw the line. I’ve been thinkings about changing out my plastic food storage containers for glass for awhile. I’m a little concerned about what might be leaking out of the plastic ones when I microwave them. Target had some really good deals when I was there the other day so I bought a few. I also ordered a few ceramic strawberry baskets a la Anthropologie from Fishs Eddy (they were on sale at the time) to store all the fresh fruit I plan to eat this year. I bought a couple of basics for my wardrobe, because running and cutting back on soda has caused me to drop a size and I can’t wear most of my dress pants. Then the bicycle that I had been eyeing in Target’s designer line dropped by 70%. I haven’t had a bicycle for awhile and there are a few times I really would have used one (like when my ankle acts up). So I took advantage of that deal. There is temptation everywhere!

No more excuses! From this point on, I am going to be good. Anything that’s not a necessity has to be bought with points. My sources of fun money from now on, will come from:

I plan on researching some other methods of earning rewards. I know there are several money making apps available; I’ll give a few of those a try and let you know how they work out. Here’s where I currently stand with rewards including how I did last year:

MyPoints as of Today:
MyPoints Redeemed 2012
SwagBucks as of Today:
SwagBucks Redeemed 2012:
Viggle Points as of Today:
Viggle Rewards Redeemed 2012:

I did not put much effort at all last year into earning rewards and ended up with $156 in rewards from MyPoints, Swagbucks, and Viggle combined – not too bad. I can definitely do better. I’ve updated the sidebar with this year’s information and will try to update that weekly.

Do you earn rewards through any programs? Which ones? Is it worth it?

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