Simplify: Week Three

It’s week three of my simplify challenge. I have managed to clear out a lot of extraneous stuff. Unfortunately, digging around in stuff that hasn’t been touched for a very long time has set off my allergies – motivation to keep things simple. Last week I:

  • Organized my studio closet. I opted to use my toolbox instead of the pegboard for my tools. Think I will figure out a way to use the pegboard for art supplies.
  • Did a final clean out of the bedroom closet and made a trip to Daisy Exchange.
  • Cleaned out the hall closet.
  • Took hazardous waste items from the shed to the OKC hazardous waste facility. If you live in OKC, it’s a great resource. You will need to take a water bill with you to prove residency.
  • Loaded all the donations from the shed on the front porch and had Habitat come by for a pickup.
  • Made a whopping $3 from selling a few items from shed.
  • Took care of filing on desk; still have a few items to find homes for.
  • Cleaned out the small bedroom which has become a dumping ground for stuff.

This week I plan to:

  • Clean out the guest room.
  • Clean out the cabinets on landing.
  • Make another donation to Habitat for Humanity (this will be the last of the month due to Thanksgiving)
  • Make another trip to the hazardous waste facility to dispose of paint found in hall closet.
  • Make a trip to a new consignment shop to look into selling the clothes that Plato’s Closet and Daisy Exchange wouldn’t take (they tend to shop for their teeny-bopper clientele).
  • Develop a strategy for creating several gallery walls with all the frames/artwork I’ve never hung.

With family coming in for Thanksgiving next week, this week will be the final push of the challenge. While I think there will still be room to simplify some more, I’ve made a lot of progress this month and am inspired to continue.

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