State of the Closet – August

I have been tracking what I wear for several months now (with a good three solid months of entering the info into the Stylebook App, which I highly recommend). I have seen several bloggers post that they unintentionally wore 33 items for 3 months (Project 333). I was curious if my total item count was anywhere near 33, so I thought it would be interesting to count everything I wore in the last three months and see how I compare. With 53 items worn (not including accessories), I didn’t come very close. I’m not sure that looking at June, July, and August is comparing apples with apples. June was a little out of the norm. It was my 30 for 30 month so I actually wore a couple of items that I probably would not have worn otherwise – it was also unusually cool for summer in Oklahoma, so I wore a few pieces that I avoided wearing in July and August. At the end of this month, I think I’ll compare July – August – September and see if the total item count is any lower.


There are five items included in the 53 that I have since moved to my discard sack. I purchased four items in August: black pants, a white tie blouse, a pink and black spotted dress, and leopard flats. The black pants are some that I’d been waiting for Loft to have in my size. They are nicer than jeans but not as thick (or hot) as the pair of pants I had (those have been added to the discard sack). The white tie blouse replaces a polka dot tie blouse that I didn’t like the fit. The dress I fell in love with and just couldn’t resist. And the flats replace a pair I sold a few months ago because they weren’t comfortable. I also purchased a few things online at Old Navy’s Labor Day Sale. Since I don’t have any of those yet, I do not know if I will keep any of them, I will include them in my September roundup.



Tracking what I wear has helped me recognize the workhorses of my wardrobe.

  • Black Toms Sandals – worn 26 times
  • Camel Sandals – worn 22 times
  • Red Flats – worn 14 times
  • Black Short Sleeved Cardigan – worn 11 times
  • Army Green Shorts – worn 8 times
  • Dark Jeans – worn 7 times
  • Black Lace Top – worn 7 times
  • Gray Tee Dress – worn 6 times
  • Blue Top – worn 6 times

The only real surprise here is the gray tee dress. I like it okay but I don’t love it. I think I wear it a lot because it’s the perfect combination of casual and dressy. One of the Old Navy items I ordered is actually a slightly dressier gray tee dress that I think might replace the one I have.

Future Shopping

I limited my color palette when I cleaned out my closet a few months ago and think maybe I’ve gone a bit overboard on black and white pieces. I would like to add a few more colored pieces (skirts and tops) that work with my black neutrals. I would also like to find a pair of leopard print sandals. I especially missed my old Boden pair when I went to Fort Worth. They were so comfortable and versatile – perfect for travel; please bring them back Boden!

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