Project Simplify: Lighten the Paper Load – Stop Junk Mail

When I was a kid, I signed up for anything that I thought would send some mail my way. Up until a few years ago, my parents were still getting things from the Church of Scientology. These days, I’m much more discerning with giving out my address, but a few things still seem to slip through. Unwanted mail makes me cranky! This week’s receipt of yet another yellow page book (seriously, does anybody still use these?) has prompted me to do another sweep of my subscriptions (or non-subscriptions as the case may be). Are you in the same boat? Here are a few tasks I’ll be working on this week to help stop junk mail:

  • Opt out of yellow page books at National Yellow Pages Consumer Choice & Opt-Out Site
  • Call magazine companies to cancel subscriptions I never ordered (I get two magazines to which I never subscribed – frustrating!)
  • Call magazine companies to see about converting hard copy magazine subscriptions to digital ones
  • Continue policing unwanted catalogs and opt out via Catalog Choice
  • Contact charitable organizations and opt-out of mailings
  • Opt out of mailing at the Direct Marketing Association website
  • Check with my mortgage company to see if they finally offer paperless billing

If I hadn’t already dramatically decreased my junk mail, I would seriously consider signing up for 41pounds; for $35, they’ll do all the work for you. Does junk mail drive you as crazy as it does me? Have you been successful at stopping it?

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